Evaluating Categories from Experience: The Simple Averaging Heuristic (with Gaël Le Mens), Journal of Personality and Social Psychology: Attitudes and Social Cognition, 2021, 121(4), 747–773. (Pre-print and data, PDF)

Working Papers

Repeated Sampling of Group Members and Norm Perception
(with Rahil Hosseini and Gaël Le Mens)

The Hot Kitchen Effect: Categories, Generalization, and Exploration
(with Franziska Lauenstein and Gaël Le Mens)

Temporal Stability of In-Group Favouritism: Individual and Aggregate Levels
(with Gaël Le Mens)

Research in Progress

How Does the Rating Scale Affect the Production of Ratings?
(with Rahil Hosseini and Gaël Le Mens)

Experience vs. Description in Impression Formation
(with Hans Alves and Tomás Lejarraga)

Language and Social Behaviour
(with Gaël Le Mens)